Saturday, February 27, 2016

Matt Park Hestenes and NGSS

The Hestenes article has a clear focus on modeling, which is the second NGSS practice. He goes very in depth into this practice, describing modeling as a game which students learn to play with increasing level of adeptness as they learn the subject. Hestenes also incorporates many of the other NGSS practices in varying degrees throughout his article.

Hestenes also discusses the importance of revising models as new data is obtained. This parallels the iterative nature of models as described in the NGSS practices and also reinforces the importance of experimental planning and execution. Hestenes also briefly touches on the importance of computational thinking and mathematics in model creation.

Hestenes does not cover the last couple NGSS practices. While this is not necessarily the focus of his article, I think it is an important part of students' science education to understand the personal interactions in the scientific community. The natural progression from the Hestenes article would be to have students  present their models, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model, and how the each others' model could be improved.

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