Monday, April 18, 2016

Modeling instuction video Post

In the paper first I whole heartedly agree  with the premise that modeling and explanation go hand in hand. While explanation may be the car so to speak modeling is the fuel for that car. Modeling allows students to see   what and how they are thinking . It also allows them to chart  findings like a workout plan allowing you to see your gains ,see where you fell short and how to by pass that the next time. All the while you get stronger in your workout plan and you do in your comfortably with the subject matter. I can also appreciate how modeling allows you to build of a question that some times can be abstract and then funneled into a more streamlined theory. One example is that of the glass shattering. As students drew their model they realized  that their is more to the story than just the voice breaking the glass. Through he introduction of sounds waves and frequency students learned about pitch and how that can cause different vibrations and how these vibrations  repeated over a period of time  can  cause certain reactions  and occurrences.
I did really enjoy from the video a concept of saturation. This describes how we often push to many models in a class therefore overwhelming the students. In my opinion we as educators need to  slowly easy these models in and then make them apart of maybe one or two large lessons a semester with smaller lessons taught from a different style.

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