Monday, April 18, 2016

McMullen- Modeling in the classroom

Upon reading the "Ambitious Science Teaching" article, I found the idea of 'model saturation'
 interesting. In thinking about modeling, it seemed as though referring to the models only once or twice a unit would not assist students in recognizing the necessity of revision in modeling. I always imagined having students refer back to their model at the end of every class day for a few minutes to jot down thoughts, new evidence, or other ways of thinking to explore. In this way stressing the importance of revision in model construction. However, it also does seem as though you would run the risk of having students tire of their model and the assignment. I wonder if there is a way to marry the two ideas: have students recognize the necessity of revision while not exposing them too much to their model that they tire of it.

The other point that stood out to me from the "Ambitious Science Teaching" article was the importance of revision and student explanation. These two seem very interconnected in my mind. If students are constantly revising their models and receiving feedback/critiques of the models, then they will have to have developed some sort of explanation of what their model is demonstrating/explaining. If they don't grasp an explanation, then that will make itself clear early on in the process because students will have difficulty justifying the decisions made in the construction of their model.

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